Question from Mustafa Darwish

A technical question here please. Arabic letters are not joined together in Photoshop nor pain they appear to be separated? What would be the solution dude?

In Photoshop, you’ll need the Middle East (ME) version in order to use the normal Arabic Font or you can get the Illustrator ME version & make all your Arabic text inside then importing the text to the Photoshop as Smart Objects. The Middle East versions are the only versions that can render the correct Arabic type.

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If you can’t get the ME versions, you can download a small software called الرسام العربي or الوسيط that can transform the Arabic letters into codes where Photoshop can understand & render correctly.

My friend @sherif pointed me to this template from Adobe where you can download & use it with any Photoshop version. Thanks for the tip Sherif 🙂

IMIDOS .. A New Startup!

You really can’t imagine how much I’m so happy – and tired 🙂 – while I’m writing this post to give you a small update of what I’ve been lately busy with.

As I mentioned in my previous post that one of my dreams was to open my small design studio in town and not like other traditional companies or design houses; I really wanted to make it different in many aspects; starting from the way we manage the work, how we deal with our clients, teams, etc… to the way we can be helpful and trustworthy to our clients and community, first of all.

So let me introduce our new startup very quickly and the idea behind it ..Untitled-1

IMIDOS .. (emy-doz) is a very fresh small creative studio that has just started officially operating by January 2010. We do Web, Graphics & Multimedia Design artworks for both companies and individuals; in addition to, developing our internal projects and applications. Also we provide Certified Translation services to our clients in multiple fields like financial, legal, commercial … etc. all under one roof.

The idea behind IMIDOS is not only doing design & translation work, that’s a first step, but we are looking forward to building a local & global community, by sharing ideas and joining forces to help other startups and individuals in achieving their goals. We want to know people and their skills & ideas, connect with them and give them a chance to engage & participate in new development projects and invest their time & skills into something that’s useful for them & their communities in different areas.

IMIDOS is still young but we believe that we must have a role in making our community and the world a better place; and will actively work to support this principal in everything that we do.

We are working hard to put everything into progress, and as I mentioned in my previous post that you can connect with us, share your ideas, and participate in person anytime and be sure that we will support you as we can.

Soon, we will have our blog online where you can get our updates and also you will find us on most of social community websites to make it easier for you to reach us anywhere & at anytime.

If you have any question, please refer to our contacts info on our website: