That’s why I’m moving from Blogger to WordPress

First, I’d like to thank Blogger Team for their ongoing efforts in making blogging very easy for non-advanced users; I must admit that you are really doing a good job and wishing you all the best.” from an advanced blogger user.

Blogger was my first web application & word I used to mention to my friends while describing the new hype – at that time – which called Blog or Web log. I’ve really enjoyed playing with Blogger Templates, Widgets, & code tweaks. I have good memories while trying to create most of my blogs for myself & for companies I’ve worked for. That’s a big history & many years of my lifetime 🙂

So the question here is why I’m leaving blogger and moving to WordPress? Well, through the past years, I became more experienced in web design, knowing HTML, CSS, Usability, Widgets, designing multiple sites … etc all of this made me feel like I need more space & freedom in customizing my sites or blogs.

Blogger is really good for beginner & mid-experienced users who are looking for a good blogging tool to help them setting up their blogs quickly, easily & freely. However in order to be noticed among the crowed, looking for more advanced, customizable, & professional tool; then WordPress is the right answer for you.

I was using both WordPress & Blogger at the same time for a while; until things started to change recently in Blogger policies & plans.

Back in October 23, 2009 Blogger turned 10 years old and the guys was really happy of what they’ve achieved so far asking users about their feedbacks & their ideas for what to be next. Well, by looking at what WordPress has already; doesn’t make me feel the same way Blogger team felt. How come a big company with a big team can’t do what open source developers, programmers, & fans did?
Blogging tool is essential for everyone now either companies or individuals so how come? .. Wondering which features I’m talking about? .. let’s dig it together by dates & you judge it yourself.

October 30, 2009 – New Transparent Navbar Styles

Well, is this the wow improvements that we should dedicate a whole post for?! (notice that this update has come after 10 years of inventing Blogger!) .. navbartransparentdark[1] even though it’s not really full customized; I still can’t modify the links or add mine.   navbartransparentlight[1]Furthermore I can’t even choose its color or hide it – unless you add couple of javascript code of course. WordPress is all about “Making your own style”

November 10, 2009 – Coming up Next…

Again another Navbar update which I found it’s really meaningless. The new update is a new link called “Next Blog” that will take you to a “random blog”, written by a “random blogger”!! Now everyone will go away from your blog to another or maybe a better one & you’ve lost all the attention! Does it make sense to you? .. “We’ve made the Next Blog link more useful, by taking you to a blog that you might like” blogger response. Is this the major update or feature that I’m looking for? not to mention the hell of missing integrations, bugs & buggy widgets people are suffering from all the time??? .. weird!

December 16, 2009 – Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Of course that’s a good integration for Amazon users and of course money is important indeed but this has nothing to do with Blogger engine itself although it’s a good addition but didn’t affect the blogging process itself in a way or another. I didn’t use it myself.

After this a big disaster has been announced .. Really a disaster for all FTP users
January 22, 2010 –  FTP publishing will no longer be supported in Blogger after March 26, 2010

I really can’t describe how it sounded when the users wakeup in the morning on this news to find out that most of their pages & old posts will no longer be available and that they can’t use their FTP anymore .. Check yourself users backfiring Blogger; very sad situation leaving all those non-advanced users lost without right answers or support. (note that we are talking about non-advanced users)

February 03, 2010 – Google Page Creator shutdown may affect your blog

Again as if stopping the FTP publishing is not enough, another announcement of shutting down the page creator service which makes me wonder should I use Google services right away or wait another year to make sure that they are still exist? .. think of it.

February 03, 2010 – Create Pages in Blogger

contactpage[1]Finally we have something we were waiting for long time.  Now we can create pages in blogger. Although it looks similar to a one post page, but better than nothing.
I’ve looked into the code trying to customize my pages but wow .. the code has been changed a lot and the result wasn’t what I’m looking for, which made me feel like “okay! I’ll accept what I have for now“ .. totally sad 🙁

Last Upgrade: March 11, 2010 – Express yourself with the Blogger Template Designer

Blogger released a full customizable templates and complete makeover for their template designer. With new sets of photos and layouts it’s really impressive and definitely considered as a good step in “becoming” customizable like what WordPress already is decades ago 🙂 *big smile*
Now after playing with the new revamped blogger designer and layouts I felt it’s time to start designing a new interface for my blogs according to this new upgrade .. but thinking for a while, I don’t want to build on unstable environment where things can/can’t exist for long without my permission .. I wanted to control what to keep and what to hide.

So I made my decision and now I believe it’s time to move to WordPress. It acts like a complete website, hosted on my servers, customized using any version of CSS, upgrading/not upgrading it’s up to you, everything is supported, collaborations, integration & social community is enabled, you don’t have to have a Gmail account in order to use it … plenty of features that make you think, I should start building my empire on a stable land – Open Source

Thanks Blogger for all the good memories; but I’ve rested my case.[blockquote]Currently working on my new WordPress blog 🙂 **bigger smile than the previous one**[/blockquote]