I guess it’s the right time this time

First of all, I would like to thank all of my friends who helped me a lot and supported me in my good and my hard times. I would like to thank all of those who trusted me and believed in me through my entire life. Also I want to thank my family (Dad, Mom and Sister) for supporting me all the time. I do appreciate it really and I love you all 🙂

For over 6 years now, I’ve been thinking in only one thing I’ve heard many times:

[blockquote]Don’t invent the wheel[/blockquote]

As I was still with that stupid part in my brain that time (I’m sure I left it somewhere longtime ago :D) I was asking myself “what da hell is that wheel they are talking about?! … I don’t even have a cart!! Mmmm!!”

After 3 years, when my brain gets bigger – somehow 😉 – I’ve been hit by another say:

“Winners don’t do different things … they do things differently”

It was said by SHIV KHERA.

In that time, I have just got what was the problem with that wheel … it was already invented and getting older.

That made me think; what people usually do with old stuff?! They either keep it and archive it (like gold and history) or give it away … then what’s after?? They are looking for “New Wheels”

So, I guess it’s time now to invent new wheels, create new opportunities, and take care of our future by ourselves. We should put all of our efforts in something productive for ourselves, for our people, for our religion, and for our country.

For me, it’s the right time to invent my own wheel … after 6 years of preparations; I guess it’s the right time … this time

To be continued …

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